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JobzATM is happy to launch a series of Whatsapp Groups meant to create a live community of professionals in the areas of their interest. We circulate the relevant positions in these groups from time to time and the members are also welcome to post the positions they would like to share. Only sharing of serious job and career related posts are permitted and the JobzATM.com group admins promptly remove any noise makers.  

Professionals looking for a change or keen to share positions in the group are welcome. If you wish to be added to this group, please click here to create your profile and get added to the group. 

We invite you to join the Groups of your interest and make best use of the innovative application of technology.
We are delighted to announce the launch of  AIPC Assist - WhatsApp Groups for Jobseekers.
Please join the group if you are unemployed and are looking for job opportunities.
It is every Indian’s right to be employed, earn and live with dignity, and it is our endeavour to help you get back to work in these difficult times. 

Please share this message in your personal groups to increase our reach, and ensure that someone somewhere can benefit from knowing that there are job vacancies, which can help him or her to seek employment. 

All jobs sourced by AIPCAssist.com will be shared in this WhatsApp Group.

A public service initiative of the All India Professionals' Congress, South Mumbai Chapter

Please click on the link below to join the group now! 
The Computers, Software and IT Enabled Services industry represents on of the biggest employers of the country. Join this group to remain in touch with the professionals in the IT industry. The ProjectsEngineer.com Whatsapp Group invites engineers - civil, electrical, mechanical, MEP etc. and other personnel working in the Projects / EPC Sector from across the world ! We are proud to host the CorporateGalaxy.com Whatsapp Group. Membership open only by invitation for senior corporate executives.  Join the Retail Industry professionals Whatsapp group to remain in touch with quick retails jobs across the country.The Star Training Network Whatsapp Group is a closed group of Star Trainers across the country. 
Trainers across industries are welcome to join the group to share opportunities of freelancing trainer opportunities and training programmes.
Join this group to remain in touch with the professionals in the Banking, Financial Services and Accounting industry. 
Membership Open for only for the Finance and Accounts professionals across industry.
Star Recruiters Whatsapp  Group is for HR professionals and Recruiters. Membership open by invitation  and JobzATM registration.JobzATM.com is happy to host the Star Medical Network Whatsapp Groups for the Health and Medical professionals community. The Star Training Network Whatsapp Group is a closed group of Star Trainers across the country. Trainers across industries are welcome to join to share freelancing trainer opportunities and training programmes. The BeingWoman.Rocks groups are strictly for women and for helping the professional women in sourcing jobs which treat them right and give them flexible hours and good environment. Membership by verification.
We are happy to host SafetyGuarantee.com WhatsApp Groups for the EHS / SHE professionals. We are happy to host WhatsApp Groups for Education Professionals - Teachers, Lecturers, Professors, Faculty etc. are welcome to join the groups.