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Posted by JobzATM on Sunday, October 4, 2015

What is JobzATM ?

JobzATM.com is a one stop integrated jobs and skills portal - "JobzATM - Jobs ANYTIME". The portal alongwith a dedicated channel of outlets shall be a one stop shop for provision of skilled workforce across the country with active linkages into training, skill development, assessment and certification. With the Government's focus on skill development and job creation, such a portal will address a much needed void in the existing job and careers ecosystem. 

JobzATM.com aspires to take the top slot for being one of the instant, simple and easy providers of jobs and pre-assessed candidates. With experience in other domains like training, accreditation, certifications, assessments and career information and applications, the portal is designed for easy use by employers and job-seekers alike, with an innovative and fresh approach to comprehensive career services.  

Why is it called JobzATM ?

The JobzATM portal has been designed keeping in mind the Generation "Z" which is a generation on the move and is smart. The youth of this generation is raring to go and does not regard patience as a virtue ! JobzATM.com is designed to be available on the mobiles as an app. and can be used to offer jobs available at the location of the candidate - which is a unique feature of JobzATM ! Thus for example if you are at a mall you can just use the location tab on the JobzATM App and it will list out the jobs available in that mall ! Further, armed with the JobzATM.com Platinum card he can present himself for the job and get it if it is still available. The entire process of JobzATM is designed to be instant, quick and simple - hence "ATM - (Any Time Money ! ) has been suffixed to Jobz ! 

At JobzATM.com we are working to make the process of getting a job shorter and faster - for both the employer and the candidate. We believe in hand-holding candidates through our products in their pursuit of getting a job and making the entire experience great. 

At JobzATM.com we believe that finding a job is not the same as getting the job. There are plenty of job portals distributing job vacancies but hardly any is focussed on putting in place a system which would ensure that the right candidates and the right jobs are not far away. 

"Apply Apply No Reply !" is no more going to be the norm with JobzATM !

We are different...

With JobZATM.com the employer or recruiter will not be confined to just advertising on one  job portal but within an expanding network of career portals.  

Effective and easy to use, JobZATM is always developing cutting-edge technology to improve the online hiring process and augment our broad suite of recruitment and branding solutions. Our advertising towards job seekers is aggressive and innovative; we employ online and mobile media to reach out to job seekers and reward employers with the brand equity they deserve.

At JobzATM.com we believe in presenting good jobs, real jobs and simple jobs to the job seeker for him to apply and get it. We don't believe in overwhelming the job seeker with 1000s of jobs which are either non existent or picked up from the internet. However we do also include a selection of relevant jobs from jobsites such as Indeed.com for the convenience of the candidate. 

So welcome to the world of jobs - Welcome to JobzATM.com !